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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 24, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. two big stories at 10:00. tonight, eye on irene. the hurricane continues to taunt the east coast. will the dc region feel her
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fury? plus, the day after the historic quake, some dc landmarks are still shut down, schools are closed and many remain out of their homes. our live coverage on both of these stories starts now. >> we're going to begin tonight with new developments in hurricane irene, the monster storm making its way to the east coast. good evening, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. if you take a look at the monitors around us, you can see it churng in the bahamas right now gaining strength by the minute. sue palka starts off our coverage tonight. sue. >> irene had a big day. it got stronger and has a prominent eye as you can see. we'll get a closer look. we were just showing it to you but you can see the eye getting more defined, a structure heading into a favorable environment. it's 185 miles southeast of nassau, and pounding the southeastern bahamas, with winds
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at 120 miles per hour, making it a category 3. i want to show you why we believe hurricane irene will get stronger to a category 4 tomorrow. it has everything to do with the water at the bahamas. 88 degrees. this is bath water. 86 degrees, you take it up the coast, nothing but fuel for the storm as it continues moving up the east coast, so let's talk about the latest track, and this track that i'm going to show you is from the hurricane center at 8:00. we will be getting a new one a little bit, but there you can see the coordinates, the wind of 120 miles per hour, movement northwest at 11. so let's show you that it takes that track through the bahamas as a category 4 and will keep moving as we move on to the north. saturday is when it will pound the outer banks. it will stay off shore of our coast. we'll get tropical storm conditions at the beechz. we may get some rain around here saturday night into the first part of sunday. here's a big concern. new today, it looks like there
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will be a landfall that went by kind of quickly on long island into new england and that would be the first time since hurricane bob in 1991 that new england had a hurricane. so great concern about that and a new track will be coming in. locally we'll see some effects here saturday night, but i'm thinking that sunday we may be off the hook, maybe a little bit breezy, but the beach is a different story. i'm going to start to outline what i expect from the beaches and the timing, and we can take our models out and look at when those peak winds will occur but needless to say, it's a grave threat, especially to the outer banks, especially to long island and up into new england. brian and shawn, more information coming your way a bit later. >> sue, we'll see you then. hurricane irene is battering the bahamas right now. fox's john roberts is following irene's trail of destruction. >> reporter: packing winds of up to 120 miles per hour, hurricane irene now pounding the bahamas. the national hurricane center says irene is gaining a little strength as it heads toward the us east coast.
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it could become a category 4 storm with winds of 130 miles per hour by thursday. the hurricane already swept through parts of the caribbean, and in the dominican republic, massive flooding strands at least 20 communities. >> there is nothing left. i didn't have time. we were trapped in the morning, like at 2:00 in the morning. we don't have anything. >> reporter: and in cuba, heavy wind and rains causing flooding, damaging roads. >> a bit of a bad night, but we are okay. we still have to see if the water doesn't get in the house. >> reporter: this picture from the international space station shows how huge this hurricane is, as this storm continues over the warm water of the atlantic, its size could increase even more. the latest projection is suggesting that irene is expected to arrive off north carolina by saturday morning. evacuations already began in parts of the state.
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>> fema arrived today and we have begun the evacuation of ocracoke and hide county for visitors and tomorrow morning we'll have evacuation for visitors begin. >> reporter: even if hurricane irene misses carolina, it could make landfall somewhere in the new york area. if it does, it could be the biggest hurricane to hit that area in decades. in atlantic beach, john roberts, fox news. >> we are covering every angle of this massive storm. you can check out the water temperatures, the track of the storm and even the satellite images sue looks at is one click away at myfox in the newsroom where we are following breaking news. new cracks are discovered hours ago at the washington monument. these are in addition to the ones found yesterday afternoon after the 5.8 earthquake. fox 5's bob barnard is working this one right now. bob, what do you know. >> reporter: brian, upon further inspection, engineers have discovered additional damage at the top of the washington monument.
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within the hour, the national park service has released new photos of what they have found, this image showing you the original crack discovered yesterday, described as 4 feet long and 1-inch wide. this next photo shows you some of the debris inside the monument. a park service spokeswoman telling us the day-long inspection has turned up three or four significant cracks, meaning the monument will take longer to repair, another more thorough inspection has been ordered for tomorrow. also tonight, we're getting a clearer picture of the damage at the national cathedral. cathedral staff provided us with these pictures of the damage up close. here, a worker on a rooftop inspects one of the limestone pinnacles that fell off the central tower. from our camera down on the ground tuesday, you could see where that piece is missing. in this photograph, you see another of the pinnacles has shifted dangerously to the side. it's still perched high up on the tower, but barely. >> it's going to be a pretty
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monumental undertaking to get all that repaired, and we're going to make every effort to try and salvage and preserve as much of the original stonework as possible. >> reporter: in the meantime, the cathedral remains closed, a perimeter established to keep the curious safely away from the potential of more falling limestone. >> it's quite serious and there's some very important things we're going to have to deal with, but it certainly could have been much worse. >> reporter: down on the mall, those newly discovered cracks at the washington monument will keep this landmark closed, for how long we don't know. the new photos painting a picture of more widespread damage than was first realized. >> well, then i think it's going to be closed because i wouldn't want my kids going in there with a crack and taking any chances so i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: the national building museum is closed until further notice. damage here forcing the cancellation of an mlk memorial event tonight. it was switched to the
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convention center. damage to the smithsonian castle along the mall has closed this building indefinitely. back at the cathedral, architects and engineers have found some damage inside. here you see a crack in a wall. in this photo, you see where large chunks of the tower fell onto a portion of the roof. fortunately, nobody was up here when the earth started shaking. >> no word yet on when the cathedral will reopen, and for that reason, an event there saturday, part of the mlk memorial dedication, has been moved. that service will now be held at the shrine of the immaculate conception northeast. sunday services are still in the air. >> brian, i want to get back to the washington monument, because there's a story that sort of, no pun intended, that sort of slipped through the cracks here. there were people atop of the monument when the quake here. >> absolutely. nobody was injured. and one family that lived through it from manassas spoke to fox 5 news and you'll hear from them on the news edge at 11:00. >> we look forward to that.
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damage from the quake will keep some kids home from school for a second day. 32 schools in prince georges county will keep their schools closed tomorrow. we put the entire list on the school without walls also closed and culpepper will open for the first day of schools tomorrow. presidents in one of two high rise buildings are allowed to retrieve their belongings. nobody is allowed to stay after the buildings were damaged in yesterday's quake. some went to stay with friends and relatives while others went to a community center. still, two days without access to home has been hard. >> and they say we couldn't get into the building. no way. >> what are you missing? >> my keys, my medicine, my checkbook, my car is around back. i can't get into my car. my clothes, shower, can't shower, nothing, do anything. >> a structural engineer has to examine the building and submit a report to county officials before anybody gets to go back
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home. >> and depending on where you were when the quake hit, things were shaking and rattling, including your nerves. just like the condemned buildings, fairfax county saw its share of damage. people in mclane were forced to evacuate and find new places to live. >> reporter: one room after another, this mclane apartment looks like someone ran sacked it. it's the home of franko reyes and his wife. at least it used to be. >> the tv was on the floor, the furniture came crashing down and broke on this side over here. the window also got smashed up, partly because the roof tilted or shifted. >> reporter: the quake caused significant structural damage, cracks in walls, and in the bedroom closet, a partial roof collapse. huge exterior bricks came crashing down revealing a view of the sky. >> if we were to be up here when this happened, then we could have been in grave danger. >> reporter: now, he's forced to move, and he's not alone.
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it's moving day for the barton family, one floor below, in this garden-style apartment building along mclane's wilson lane. fairfax county inspectors condemned the top units here, a total of four. some of the exterior damage is evident. >> it starts right here, and you can see where it goes out about 3 inches right here. >> reporter: so what are they going to do with you? >> well, they moved us to another apartment and another building, and that's what we're really thankful for that. >> reporter: alan barton's children, 15 and 9, were home tuesday when the earthquake hit. >> it felt like an ocean, like everything was just going up and down and things were just falling right afterwards. and all of a sudden it stopped and we looked around and was, like, there was an earthquake. we don't get these here. >> i didn't know what was happening though, so i didn't know it was an earthquake. i didn't know they had
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earthquakes in virginia. >> once again, the top four apartments are condemned but for some of the residents moving out, they just say even if ours isn't, we are moving out for peace of mind. it is a large complex so management found units in other buildings for people to move into, shawn. >> thankfully they do have some place to live. so the county condemned the top units but not the lower units? >> we wondered the same thing. how is it safe for the people below and not on top. you would think it would come down. the fire marshal said, yes, there was damage to the side of the building and the roof we showed you, but the low-bearing walls are apparently okay, so they don't have any fear of a collapse, so residents below can stay if they want. >> good news for them. will thomas, thank you. the earthquake forced two nuclear reactors off line and a lot of people are wondering if they could have handled it if it was a stronger quake. we found out coming up. >> plus, it could be the last pictures of a local woman missing in aruba. find out the other new clues
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investigators are releasing. >> new tonight on the news edge, a local man says he could barely hear for weeks after an injury, and then came the east coast quake. he claims it cured the problem. we'll talk to him and his doctor at 11:00.
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>> prince georges county police issued an arrest warrant for the teenagers suspected of shooting a 2-year-old. investigators are searching for 18-year-old devin matos. he's charged with attempted second degree murder and assault. cops say he shot johnson while the little boy was sitting in his mother's lap. the bullet hit the toddler in the face and the neck. he is now in critical condition. a few new developments tonight in the case of a maryland woman missing in aruba. laura evans joins us. >> reporter: he came in and talked to us because he wants to keep the case alive. he's talking to the media because he wants to keep it front and center. >> i also understand there are new pictures of robyn gardner tonight. >> reporter: authorities put out new pictures hoping to jog
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someone's memory out there. >> reporter: new pictures show robyn gardner leaving the bar & grill in aruba on august 2. she's with gary giordano here hours before she went missing. he claims she took sleeping pills earlier in the day and drank vodka before going to the bar. richard forester, her boyfriend in bethesda says he doesn't buy it. >> i never knew her to take the day. >> reporter: and then he told investigators they went snoshgling. >> okay. so you're taking sleeping pills and then you're going to give her vodka and then take her snorkeling? who does that? that makes no sense at all. >> reporter: people at the bar told authorities she was woozy and hardly ate her food. witnesses say the pair drove off in this white suv. authorities are releasing these pictures hoping to generate new
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leads. there are also reports of a life insurance policy on her with giordano as the beneficiary. he's almost certain she didn't have a life insurance policy and finds it highly suspicious. >> in order for her to sign something like that that he had, the only thing i can imagine is she didn't know what the details were of it. >> reporter: so when you look at those pictures, who took the pictures? >> apparently, it was somebody who works in the restaurant was admiring her tattoos, but i asked forester about this tonight, and he said the whole thing seems very strange because you can't see the tattoos in the pictures that were snapped so a little strange, something going on with the pictures. >> it is a little weird. and what's the latest with gary giordano? >> giordano is still in jail in aruba and was ordered held for at least another couple weeks while investigators check out these inconsistencies in his stories that continue. >> all right. we'll be following it. thanks, laura. brian. >> tonight, please in anarundo
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county are looking for a truck driver that killed a tow truck driver. he was driving a tow truck and pulled over to assist a disabled truck. the driver was hooking up the vehicle when he was struck. the other driver stayed on the scene briefly and then left. 16 passengers were hurt after their tour bus slammed into two trucks on their way from new york down here to dc today. the bus driver was critically injured but did survive despite earlier reports from new jersey state police. it happened around noon on the turnpike in northern new jersey. the cause of the crash was unclear, at least two tractor trailers were involved. the man accused of setting off fireworks on the national mall was back in court today. the bail will stay at $2 million. the florida man faces three felonies and other charges. he was arrested in bethesda after police found a large amount of fireworks in his vehicle. he planned to use the fireworks to draw attention to himself and
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issues he has with the banking industry. he's made apple the brand to beat but tonight, the face of the company, steve jobbs is quitting his job. 
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>> the man behind the iphone, the ipad and all things apple is stepping down. steve jobs is resigning as ceo of the tech giant saying he can no longer handle the job. the move appears to be the result of an unspecified medical condition for which he took an indefinite leave from his post in january. apple's chief operating officer tim cook has been named ceo. for more on what this means for apple and the impact steve jobs has had on the company, we're joined by the ceo of thanks for coming in. you know, it's disappointing and heartbreaking. we know that steve jobs has had health problems and we look at a man like this who has literally changed this world.
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will apple in these tech circles that you'll run in, will apple be able to continue to run with the mantel here? >> we'll have to wait and see, but this news is very, very disappointing. if you think about the impact that steve jobs has had in our society, it's been absolutely immense. even if you've never bought an apple product, apple has had an influence in your life. this all started when steve jobs first invented the first apple computer that sold for a little over $600. steve jobs and steve wasnack, they were credited for starting the computer revolution. what does that mean? well, nowadays, you walk anywhere, whether it's your home or office, and you see personal computers. but before, only big companies or universities could afford computers because they were so expensive. >> is there another company out there on the horizon that could even step in and perhaps be a competitor? it seems like apple has really, you know, just run away from the
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pack in so many respects, particularly in the mobile market. >> yeah, i don't think so. i don't see any major competitor right now, because if you look at some of their major inventions, such as the iphone or the ipad, it's been such a leap in technology that most competitors, what they're doing is they're copying the products that apple has made. so if you walk into a verizon store, you'll see a samsung tablet. again, it's a copy of what the apple products are. so currently, i don't see any competitors that can match what apple and the vision that steve had for all of us in our future. >> i think a lot of people wonder steve jobs, we've been told it's such a secret society out there, but we're told steve jobs is a micromanager and has been intricately involved in every single detail from product development to marketing. i mean, do those rumors match up in your opinion, and do you think that if he is stepping down like this, apple is going to really take a hit
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quality-wise? >> right, i mean, the thing is, steve was first and as he said in his own words, fired from apple, everyone knows he's very difficult to deal and with he has been over the years, but because he has a vision, one single vision for the whole company, all of its products. if you look at the iphone, the ipad, they all connect to the -- the itunes, the app store, the ipod also connects to that. all of their basis have a convergence of software, as well as a hardware, and he has one vision that he has clearly come up with, that we don't know if apple and the new ceo can actually put forth that vision. now, see, it's very easy to say that i want to do this. i could say hey, i want to go to jupiter and build a spaceship, but the person that actually builds the spaceship and does the day it day work, what steve jobs used to do, is the important person, and so we'll
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have to wait and see if that can actually be done. >> okay. the ceo of, thank you for coming in. a local restaurant is no stranger to getting hit hard by hurricanes, and it could be battered again by irene. how it's preparing for the worst, coming up next. the fox 5 storm tracker is tracking all the latest with irene. sue is analyzing all the models, her latest 20 minutes away.
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>> following new developments involving hurricane irene, the navy has now ordered ships based southeast of virginia to prepare to move out of the path of the storm. the current track shows destructive winds and a dangerous storm surge will hit that area. the ships will start to move tomorrow. irene right now is battering the bahamas. it's a category 3 hurricane. evacuations have been ordered for parts of north carolina. parts of chesapeake base is
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bracing themselves as well in case it heads our way. one southern maryland restaurant in particular is anxious. back in open 03, hurricane israel wiped them out. >> reporter: at skipper's restaurant, it is literally the calm before a potential storm. hurricane irene, to be exact, and the restaurant is a bit on edge. >> it is a little nerve-wraking, yes, especially coming off of yesterday's earthquake, so that's got everybody on their toes a little bit already and here we go, back to back with possibly something else. >> reporter: understandable because the popular seafood spot is right on the water and when hurricane isabell struck here back in 2003, it literally wiped this business out, hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. >> reporter: it ripped out all the piers that were out here. they said the debris after the fact was at least about 8 feet high out in the front parking lot. >> reporter: the close-knit community rallied to help, but
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it would take nearly a year to get back up and running. the workers now are trying to get ahead of any trouble. >> just kind of looking around, what is it that we can do to prepare for it in order for everybody to be safe. >> reporter: now, if hurricane irene comes up the chesapeake as some have predicted, not only might this restaurant be at risk, but so would the homes up and down the waterfront here. ed cross is one of those waterfront homeowners who is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> but then it could be nothing. low tide, moves off shore, and just get a bunch of rain again. . >> reporter: back at skipper's pier, the rebuilt facility is reinforced since isabell. all the wiring was reinstalled in the roof area and they hope the rock jettis new since isabell will help the storm
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surge if it comes. >> we'll have to play it by ear, keep an eye on the weather and take it as it comes. >> reporter: in deal, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. >> boat owners in that area are being advised to prepare to move to safe harbor by friday morning. north of a nuclear power station is just miles from the epicenter of a quake. tonight, state officials are trying to ease concerns about the safety of the facility. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon, dominion virginia power lifted the alert on the north anna nuclear station. the facility remains in a cold shut-down. >> oh, my goodness, what about the nuclear power plant. >> reporter: house majority leader eric canter's district includes this county in virginia, and says the plant's earthquake safety was his first concern. >> i am glad to hear and read the report that what should have happened, happened when
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something like that occurs. >> reporter: when the earthquake struck, the two north anna reactors were taken offline by dominion power's automatic safety system. >> i've talked three times briefly in the last 24 hours with the chairman of dominion. >> reporter: bob mcdonald says inspectors from the nuclear regulatory commission determined there were no malfunctions and no radiation leaks. >> the shut-down systems worked well, as did other plants around the east coast, and there is nothing at all that we've seen that's of any concern yet to us or the nrc about how this works. >> reporter: nrc requires nuclear plants to withstand ground motion, with anna's built on both soil and rock, the rock part can withstand a magnitude 5.9 quake, the soil part, a 6.2. >> how prepared is any nuclear plant to deal with the uncertainty? >> reporter: edward lyman, senior scientist, says the
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earthquake sparks a bigger question. should the standards be higher? >> the event that occurred in virginia yesterday occurred in a region where they just weren't expecting earthquakes of that magnitude, and the problem is, these surprises crop up. >> reporter: and that review has already begun. earlier this year, president obama ordered all us nuclear stations to be reassessed after japan's fukishima nuclear plant was destroyed. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> there are a dozen other nuclear plants in virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, north carolina and michigan. they all declared unusual events earthquake. it probably took you even a few seconds to figure out we were having an earthquake yesterday, but the animals at the national zoo were sounding the alarms early. their bizarre behavior, coming up. but first tonight, if you have tickets for a flight this
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weekend, the airlines might be giving you a break. here's neil cavuto. >> irene already changing the way us businesses do business, before it even hits the united states. as the hurricane is gaining steam, several major airlines are already dropping fees. welcome new to travellers, cancelling trips in the storm's path. the financial storm not losing team in washington. the congressional budget office is saying the government is on track to rack up a $1.3 trillion deficit in 2011. that will be the third straight. and starbucks' ceo is telling me all the lack of wheeling and dealing in dc creating a bad day for traders. diving more than 104 bucks, it's the biggest one-day drop since 2008. with mortgage rates near record lows, americans are still
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not taking the bait. home mortgage applications for purchases are following to a 15-year low last week. shooters over the economy keeping buyers on the sidelines. 
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>> just curious how long did you realize the earthquake hit. many of the animals at the national zoo started acting strangely, and the tremors hit. melanie alnwick has their fascinating story. >> reporter: tuesday, august 23rd, a typical afternoon at the national zoo. elephants sunned themselves,
10:41 pm
tourists snapped photos and suddenly the strange behaviors started. >> the flamingos that are normally one or two body lepths apart ran into into this huddled stance. >> reporter: this mother was watching her baby kabibbi in the distance. she was getting older and they were starting to separate. >> an alarm call went out and she went to grab her and took her to the top so she could inspect her. >> reporter: a few seconds later. >> the building started shaking violently. i called all the animal teams and said evacuate your buildings. after we made sure people were okay we made sure animals were okay and safe in their exhibits. >> reporter: the first sign that something was about to happen came a full 15 minutes before the quake, from here, inside the small mammal house. it was a red rough lemurs that sounded the first alarm. >> they started vocalizing and went straight up into the trees,
10:42 pm
which is what they do in the wild if there's danger. >> reporter: ducks jumped into the water and snakes began rising when they're normally still. it's the instinct coming out but with animals, it's finer tuned. >> animals are fascinating and they have sensory abilities that we don't even know about. they have better smell capabilities than we do, better hearing capabilities than we do. >> reporter: the pandas, however, barely reacted, just like a bear would do. still, the stories of each animal's response are reminders of how connected they and we are to the earth beneath us. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. all new tonight on the news edge, a local man calls it a miracle. he says he could barely hear for weeks after an injury, and then yesterday's quake changed his life. hear from him and his doctors at 11:00. find out why dc castle says mayor gray's administration broke the law. all at 11:00.
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>> well, the earthquake is now behind us, hopefully. >> hurricane is on its way. >> that's right. >> and then the tornado or a tsunami, what's the trifecta? >> i hope for nothing else. but way out in the atlantic, there's something else brewing too. >> let's not talk about that just yet. i know folks are comparing this to isabell. >> and i saw roz did a story on that. that was a very different track. the track with isabell was very scary, people were out of power for two weeks. i don't think this is an issa bell. that would have to go up into virginia. we kind of got the brunt of it here and lost all the power. this one, we think the center of this storm will be about 75 miles off the coast of ocean city. if it stays on that track, we're going to get some breezes here, maybe 35 miles an hour in the
10:47 pm
metro. could that cause some power outages? >> yeah, anything causes power outages around here, but that's not going to be what isabell did. the beach is a different story, saturday night into sunday, you could be close enough to the center of that to get some category 1 hurricane forced winds or sustained winds up to 55 to 70 for hours and hours. that's where we'll have our problem, timing is saturday night to sunday. on to some of the specifics of this as we look across a very settled night in dc. we've got some storms on the way, and we want you to get ready for that. they'll be around tomorrow afternoon and maybe for some of you around 9:00 and 10:00 west of the city but are not associated with the approaching hurricane irene. i've had people ask me already, what should we be preparing for? locally, prepare like you would for a power outage. it should stay off the mid-atlantic coast. it's not going to be a good scenario for the outer banks,
10:48 pm
long island or into new england. we may be pretty fortunate. the beaches, tropical storm conditions, getting going saturday and lasting into sunday about 2:00 or 3:00, we think, but the worst of it will be late saturday into sunday and that's where we're talking about that heavy rain, gusts of 50 to 70 at the beaches. that's tropical storm conditions, with the hurricane we've got hurricane-force winds out 60 miles from the center so if it's about 75 miles off the coast, that's a little close and can jog a little bit as it comes up the coast. metro area, we can get some rain saturday and heavy down pours depending on the rain coming into our area. for the mlk dedication, i think it cab over by then. we could have showers in the morning, maybe windy to breezy, gusts to 35 as mentioned, but that's not too bad for this area on that track. coming up at the top, the very tip-top of the news edge at 11:00, we're going to show you the newest track that will be coming up in the hurricane center. i wanted to show you the
10:49 pm
spaghetti models, and this is why florida, georgia and south carolina appear to be off the hook with this thing but not the outer banks. we are in okay shape. the beaches are going to get a pounding, the storm surge is about 2 to 4 feet. and beach erosion obviously. but here's a great concern today. for days 4 and 5, the models are really trying to converge on a landfall, maybe on the eastern side of long island, takes it up through rhode island, connecticut and boston. which is what hurricane bob did, and did a lot of damage. blue is weak wind and purple is strong so we're really not getting anything going in the carolinas until later, but look what happens as we get into saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon. that's where we begin to see those really strong winds for the outer banks. we're still kind of light but our del marva beaches are
10:50 pm
getting that action. sunday at 6:00, the winds are really picking up, not just for the beaches but even along the west side of the bay, but not to the strongest, but you can see some of the reds in there. we could get gusts 40 to 50, even on the wet side of the bay, but it drops off really quickly west of interstate 95. and that is as far out as that model will go. i want to let you know we also have thunder expected tomorrow afternoon. we do expect to see maybe some heavy downpours and gusty winds with that. temperature-wise will be warmer than today. it was 87 today and we think it'll be close to 90. if we keep the clouds around, perhaps it won't be as strong and the temperatures won't be as high. it won't be as cool as it was the last several nights. max hd satellite and radar shows us a line of showers and storms that we're watching up to the great lakes. there's a front with that and that front will be coming through during the day tomorrow and that's why we have some showers and thrmz thunderstorms in the forecast for thursday.
10:51 pm
there's a slight chance of a shower on friday but not a very big chance. could be just a little bit of something pushing in from the beaches on friday, but saturday we're going to keep a chance for the storms around. sunday i'm going to say 82 degrees, maybe windy to breezy, monday beautiful at 82 degrees with the sinking air around the hurricane. so for the metro area, there's a chance that it's just not going to be terribly bad around here, but it's only wednesday. we're talking about saturday night into sunday, so more specifics to come and there could be changes in those. >> thank you, sue. it is an annual tradition, the redskins' welcome home luncheon. >> this year, optimism reigns supreme as they met for their third preseason contest. dave feldman was there. >> reporter: it was a nice lunch and everybody is happy. everyone right now wants to know the answer to one question. >> how was the food? >> no. >> when does pessimism ever reign. >> steak and fish and a peach
10:52 pm
flaun, which was not bad. it was all right. >> what about a peach quarterback. >> that's the question, not to what they're going to eat. who's going to be the quarterback, that's what everyone wants to know at the 50th annual redskins luncheon today. capacity crowd at the wardman park mariot ball room where john beck received a nice round of applause. the qb's been a mike shanahan favorite since he came out of byu in '07. rex grossman started the weekend last year, looked good two weeks ago against pittsburgh, and tomorrow night, the ravens and baltimore, who's going out there first? >> have they said whether you'll start tomorrow or not. >> we haven't gotten to that conversation yet, but i'm sure i'll play so i'll be ready. >> are you starting tomorrow night, do you know yet or are you going to tell me? >> we just don't know yet. >> you really don't know? >> i really don't know. >> reporter: because you could know and just not tell me. >> i'm curious too. i want to be the guy that goes
10:53 pm
first. i went first last week but i don't know how it'll play out. we definitely know they'll be splitting time but i don't know how it'll shake down yet. >> shawn did you believe him when he told me, no, really i don't know. >> no, i think he was telling the truth. he doesn't know. you clearly think he was fibbing? >> no, i mean, they're playing tomorrow, the day before a professional football game, they normally let the quarterback know who's going to start and playing with the first team offense. >> maybe they'll find out tomorrow morning. >> seems a little late. >> maybe they just got the text after watching right now. >> may be. i'm not saying he wasn't telling the truth. i'm saying it's a fair question. john beck may have the advantage. he played all of 2009 with the raiders. >> i'm checking that right now. oh, shoot -- >> you know what, sue was here, did she not get enough air time? >> she takes your air time and then takes it on the back side. >> sports is not sports unlesss.
10:54 pm
>> sue, if you can hear us, we're talking about you. >> thanks, feldy. still to come tonight at 10:00, an underwater adventure unfolding in maryland, a relic from the war of 1812 discovered. we'll take you to the wreckage coming up next.
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10:57 pm
 >> an underwater search for history in maryland. archaeologists are looking for the us s scorpion. the ship was brought down during the war of 1812. photo journalist nelson jones shows us what they've uncovered so far. >> this is the largest war of 1812 artifact in maryland, and here it is submerged under several feet of water and several feet of mud. >> we have a war of 1812 vessel
10:58 pm
here which pretty much confirms that it's a warship. we're hoping it's the uss scorpion, which is the flagship of joshua barney's fleet. they're actually outlining the edges of the vessel. >> this is a really large ship, 75 feet long and 20 feet wide. i felt the board, and then i also felt the fasteners. it's interesting because when you see something with your mind first instead of your eyes, it's a different sort of excitement and different sort of feeling, because automatically, that board turned into a ship wreck in my mind. during the war of 1812, joshua barney and his flotilla were actually pursued up the river by rear admiral colbirin. during that time, barney knew he couldn't escape so what was important for him to do is get his flotilla up here and scudle it, which means you basically
10:59 pm
render your equipment, guns and cannons useless to the enemy. at that point, barney and his crew and sailors marched on to the battle of ladensberg where he attempted to defend the capital. unfortunately, he lost that battle and our nation's capital went up in flames. >> we're going to go down and take elevations from different points of the wreck. >> the visibility is terrible. we probably have about 2 inches or so. >> there's very little known about how they were constructed so that's kind of one of our goals is to learn the construction techniques. >> i think the most intriguing and inspiring object found is a bronze cup, a tin plated cup with the initials cw. it's a very personal object. someone marked it with their initials, it was there showing ownership. to be able to go down into a wreck and grab something that personal, you feel like you time travel. we have no idea what this


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